Our Bakery

We at La Fabrique de Bagel take pride in our commitment to quality. Our old fashioned MTL Style Bagels are kettle boiled with honey and baked to perfection, providing our clients the ultimate bagel, crunchy on the outside, yet chewy on the inside. 100% Montréalais

We hold our stores to the highest standards and move quickly to continually improve every aspect of the experience for our loyal customers.

Most of all we value our customers and want to hear from them. Tell us where we are doing great, where we can improve, and share any ideas or suggestions you may have.



Hand-rolled and freshly baked, our bagels are made to please everyone. Prepared with a variety of signature spreads, cream cheese, smoked meat, smoked salmon, grilled vegetables and more.

We use only fresh produce in our salads and sandwiches, delivered every morning to each of our locations from local suppliers. Wholesome meals are prepared on site and to order, ensuring high quality and optimal flavour.